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Cellulite is not necessarily a factor of body weight. You don't have to be heavy to have cellulite. Though diet and lifestyle affect cellulite formation, a large part of cellulite is comprised of toxins and fat that build up in the body, and can affect women of any size, weight and body structure. When all is working well in the system, waste products are removed from the body and smooth curves result; when fats, fluids and toxins are trapped deep in the skin (below the epidural layer), however, the connective tissue thickens and hardens, giving a dimpling effect. As we mature, the layer of skin thins, resulting in the rippled appearance of cellulite.

There are 2 types of cellulite, hard and soft. Hard cellulite mainly affects people that are active such as runners or dancers. It is harder to see than soft fat, and attatches itself directly to the muscle. It is diffucult to get rid of. Soft cellulite is more visable than hard cellulite, and is easier to get rid of. It doesn't attatch as strongly to the muscle as hard cellulite, and it is often flabby.

Cellulite often forms in postnatal women and those who take birth control pills because the body's waste system can't get rid of the enormous flow of oestrogen in the body.

What you can do

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day helps to flush toxins from the body. Stay away from alcohol, caffeine, and spicy foods. These contribute to the formation of cellulite because the toxins they produce get trapped in the fatty tissue. Crash dieting doesn't help either, this actually increases the risk of forming more cellulite.

All saturated fats help build cellulite. These fats block the arteries and get trapped in the tissue as well, preventing sufficient waste and toxin elimination. So try not to eat to much saturated fat. Smoking weakens the skin by causing constriction of capillaries. It also damages the connective tissue that causes the dimpling effect of cellulite, too. Cutting down or giving up smoking can help.

Tension in your body, which can be caused by stress, blocks the tissue, preventing proper waste elimination and purification. Diet pills, sleeping pills and diuretics can all lead to cellulite; oral contraceptives, which increase the body's oestrogen, cause fat cells to enlarge, leading to water retention, which in turn leads to the body not flushing away toxins effectively, which leads to cellulite.

Lack of exercise can also be a big factor in cellulite. Excercising regularly helps fight cellulite. It improves muscle tone, circulation and overall well-being, helping to break blocked tissue and purify the body.

Body Brushing is another thing, apart from diet and exercise, that will also help combat cellulite.

Foods that fight cellulite...


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