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Want to shed 5 pounds in 2 weeks?

In reality, shedding five pounds of flab could mean the difference between a 32-inch waist and a 28-inch waist. Using these five steps, you'll drop that body jiggle in no time.

Step 1: Double up on your aerobics

Instead of exercising for 30 minutes on the treadmill, step it up to 60 minutes. You don't need to walk, step or jog faster, only longer. Extending your workouts past 30 minutes gives your body more time to burn fat, as opposed to only burning carbohydrates for energy. You should be working at a moderate intensity, which should be easy to sustain for a long period of time. Your body will burn a higher percentage of calories from fat during exercise if you work out at 60-70% of your maximum heart rate. Tip: Don't eat more because you exercise more. Lean bodies are nutritionally efficient bodies.

Step 2: Go to bed the same time every night before 11pm

Lack of sleep increases your hormone cortisol, which is a hormone that stores fat and burns muscle (in other words, it does the exact opposite of what you are trying to accomplish), and decreases your testosterone levels (which need to be high in order to keep your fat burning/muscle gaining processes going at full speed). While sleep requirements vary, seven to nine hours of sleep is generally a good rule of thumb. The probability of succumbing to late night cravings increases exponentially for every late hour of the day that you stay awake.

Step 3: Wake up 30 minutes earlier

OK, you have to get your double exercise time from somewhere, so it comes from your sleep time. Getting up earlier also helps you sleep better. With the added fatigue from exercising and going to sleep at a regular time, your dozing hours will be more restful and you probably won't even notice those 30 minutes of sleep that you lost. Another added benefit of waking up earlier and fitting your exercise in first thing in the morning is that your body's glycogen reserves have been exhausted due to the overnight fast, so the body has to rely on burning fats for fuel.

Step 4: Eat you last meal by 6:30pm

If you meet a successful fitness model, one thing you're sure to encounter is that she has her eating habits down to a science. Closing down you kitchen a 6:30 has several weight loss benefits. First, by not eating for a full twelve hours each day, you give your stomach time to empty itself and allow you body to use excess fat for energy. Second, if your last meal is at 6:30pm and you crawl into bed by 11pm, your body won't be so busy digesting food all night long- making your rest all the more peaceful.

Step 5: Eat smaller more frequent meals throughout the day.

The first thing that most dieters do is start a crash diet where they only eat once or twice a day. This is a sure-fire way to lose muscle and lower your metabolism. As we already know, less muscle and a lower metabolism is not the way to achieve your goal.

In order to keep the metabolism going at full speed and the blood sugar levels under control in order to keep energy levels high and cravings away, 4 to 6 small balanced meals a day is the way to go.

Balanced means each meal should contain all of the macronutrients (carbs, protein and fats) in a specific ratio. While metabolisms differ, a ratio of 40-45% carbs, 40-35% protein, and no more than 20% fats is generally the most effective.

This ratio is optimal for keeping insulin and blood sugar under perfect control. In addition, this ratio creates a favorable hormonal environment that leads to muscle growth and fat loss.

There you have it, 5 steps to the slimmer you. And yes, it works like clockwork. Give yourself eight weeks and watch the last bit of flab slip away. I dare you.

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