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Pole dancing - the new fun way to loose weight

Pole dancing used to be seen as something sleazy that strippers and lap dancers did, but in recent years it has become a popular form of exercise for celebrities and other women worldwide.

It's a fun alternative to going to the gym and as well as burning calories pole dancing improves muscle posture and development

Pole dancing is a lot more strenuous than it looks. If you work hard on the pole can burn more calories than a good session in the gym. You will see increased muscle definition and toning all over your body - especially in the arms, thighs, and buttocks. You can burn approximately 250-400 calories per session.

Pole Fitness increases your heart rate, burns fat and tones muscles all while you're having fun and having a laugh! It builds strength and lean muscle, making you stronger without lifting a single weight! It improves your posture and improves your self confidence. It is also a very good workout for your tummy with most of the moves making you use your stomach muscles to hold yourself up no sit ups required.

Because it has become so popular you should be able to find a class near you and they are not too expensive either. No special equipment is nessecary. Some people love it so much that they get their own pole installed in their house then you don't even need to leave the house to get a really good workout.

A bonus of learning to pole dance is not only will you work your way to a strong sexy body but also you can use your new pole moves for a fun night in with your partner.


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