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Resveratrol fights Fat

Scientists have been doing studies on a compound they have found called Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a natural substance that is in red grapes, red wine, and Japanese knotweed

All studies done so far have been on mice but they have shown that eating red grapes, drinking red wine, or taking resveratrol in any form can have some great effects on aging, fat cells, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

The studies have also shown why Mediterranean and French people suffer from much lower levels of heart disease, despite consuming higher levels of saturated fat. French and Mediterranean people have known for centuries--the benefits of long life that come from the moderate consumption of red wine. They have less heart and prostate disease, even though they smoke more cigarettes, drink more coffee and have high carbohy­drate high-fat meals, all risk factors for heart disease

They have found that Resveratrol is a fat-fighting substance, which both prevents weight gain and stops some of the health problems caused by obesity

The French obtain their resveratrol from drinking red wine - Resveratrol mimics the effects of calorie restriction and might increase human life span to about 112-140 years

Red Wine

Some benefits of Resveratrol are:

Reduced Fat

Increased Lifespan

Decreased heart problems

Less chance of Diabetes

Less chance of liver damage or loss of co-ordination with age

Increased energy

Increased lifespan

Offsets the effects of a high-fat diet

Reduced blood fat and cholesterol

Possible anti-cancer properties

Possible anti-inflammatory properties

Some sources of Resveratrol are:

Red Grapes



Red wine

Japanese knotweed


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