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Can't stick to a diet?

So many people that want to lose weight find it hard because they don't feel they can, or don't want to, stick to a diet.

Don't worry - you can still lose heaps of weight without excluding foods. Here are some simple tricks that aren't hard - infact they're so easy anyone can do them. Try them for a month and see what you think.

Basic tips for losing weight without dieting

Drink more water - like 4 litres a day (at least 2 if you can't manage 4) - space it throughout the day (don't drink all at once as you can die from drinking too much at once)

Eat more protein - have some sort of protein with every meal you eat - protein helps you feel fuller - it also reduces the rush of sugar in your body from carbohydrates so should help with the sugar cravings

Smaller Portions - everytime you have a meal make it and just before you eat it seperate it into 2 meals and either chuck or freeze one half of your meal (small portions help you loose weight)

Remember your stomach size - when you're eating remember your stomach is only meant to be the size of your fist - peoples serving sizes are often way too big so be careful of serving sizes

Don't drink any fizzy drinks, juices, alcohol - stick to water - by doing ths alone you can make a massive difference to your weight

Try to eat a small dinner - make this the smallest meal of the day.

If you can for your dinner eat nearly all protein - for example a small price of chicken, fish, turkey, can of tuna, tofu, etc - some sort of protein - with a small serving of green beans, cauliflower, or brocolli. Try to leave the potatoes, rice, pasta type things in your last meal of the day.

Walk - try to walk often - get a pedometer - they cost $10 - $20 - and make sure you do at least 10,000 steps a day - even better do 20,000 steps a day

Compound Exercises use more than one muscle group at a time - Try and do a few of the basic big muscle exercises 3 x a week - ones that use more than one muscle group burn more fat than isolated exercises that only use one muscle group - pick exercises like press ups, squats, lunges etc - you don't need weights to do them either (you can add weights if you like)

Skipping burns a lot of calories you could try doing 5 min every morning and 5 min every night

When you have snacks like chocolate and stuff - don't go for the value packs - never buy a large chocolate bar for instance, even though it's better value - only get a small one - and don't keep lollies and chocolate and chips in the house

Try to find a buddy or friend - losing wieght is way easier if you're not doing it alone. If you can't find someone then maybe try to join a forum or get a personal trainer. If you can't then don't worry - you can still lose weight.

Are you losing weight?

If you follow the tips above you will lose weight - but how will you know? You are going to be able to see it anyway when your clothes get loose - BUT - it's a way better idea to make sure you weigh yourself and do some basic measurements at the beginning - and also once a week - or even just once a month - to show yourself your reults. You will find once you see results you wil find it easier to lose even more!

Basic measurements you might want to do are - stomach, bum, and thighs. You can do more measurements but these 3 basic ones plus your weight will give you alot of info with a little amount of time and effort. Record your measurements in a small book, or even better write them on a piece of paper and stick them on the wall for you to see them everyday.


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