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Weight Loss Basics

Weight Loss Basics

Gluten Free Diet

Here is a basic list of foods with and without gluten. You can eat anything you like, so long as it doesn't have gluten in it.


Foods to avoid (these have gluten in them)

This is not a complete list of foods to avoid, but once you get the idea it is easy to check packets before you buy them. You can also ask check at restaurants if their sauces contain gluten (just tell them you are allergic to it).

Foods you can eat (Gluten Free)

and the list goes on! So basically you can eat anything, but if you want to eat something with gluten in it you have to find a gluten free substitute. Gluten free substitutes are now becomming so popular that you can even find them in your supermarket.

Try going gluten free for a month - once you've tried it I bet you'll never go back.

If you like cooking, and want to make gluten free recipes then I suggest you have a look at this book - it has loads of gluten free recipes that are yum!

Gluten Free Recipes  




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