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Weight Loss Basics

Weight Loss Basics

Is wheat and Gluten making you fat?

To people who haven't heard the above statement might seem bizarre.You might be thinking 'Isn't wheat and gluten in our bread, and cereals, and don't we get told in the food pyramid to eat lots of breads and cereals'?

First I better cover for those that don't know what Gluten is.

Gluten is a protein which is found in grains, including wheat, oats, rye, and barley. It's a cheap filler used to add bulk, bind ingredients together, and add texture.

You will probably find that you eat gluten in almost all your meals... it's in bread, cereal, spagetti, noodles, lasange, some sauces and soups, the breadcrumbs you crumb your meat in, pies, and the list goes on.

Gluten contains very little in the way of nutrients, infact bread companies even add vitamins to it to try and give it something. The problem is Gluten actually blocks your bodies absorbtion of nutrients and minerals, and it can make you fat! Did you know that to make Cattle nice and fat you feed them wheat? I know I don't want to eat something that will block my body absobing vitamins and make me fat!

It gets even worse, Gluten is addictive and Medical proffessionals have actually found that there are many other conditions that can be associated with eating gluten.

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